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Often, we focus on the parts of ourselves that we do not like. We may wish we look, act, or sound differently and many times feel differently than we do. We set goals, resolve to change, berate ourselves for falling short of our own expectations and especially those of others. They try to change us too, and it may seem others are putting conditions on their acceptance or withholding their affection until we meet various expectations.

Accepting ourselves for who we are is the counter to such judgment. Together, we will explore your emotions in a space free of criticism, conditions, and judgment. My intent is to meet you where you are in the moment with warmth, respect, and assurance, as I believe that such acceptance leads to healing, empowerment, and even change.

In my practice, I see clients with a range of needs with special focus in grief, loss, and bereavement; adults who experienced child abuse; anger; and, the process of forgiveness. Additionally, I meet with individuals for the following:

Life Transitions






Abuse and Violence



For treatment, I use an integrative approach including humanistic, attachment and psychodynamic theories.